by Aerico

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Recorded 2/2/17

Aerico is

Cameron Werner- Bass
Joshua Luke- Drums
Sean Rooney- Vocals


released February 18, 2017

Jirix-Mie Paz- recording, mixing, mastering



all rights reserved


Aerico Phoenix, Arizona

Fresh and sleazy/ Noisy new wave/ Vomiting blood

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Track Name: Stepping Away
Feeling no strong emotions
Stepping away from myself
I can hear the execration
I can feel the cutting eyes

It's not right
It's not right
You try to make it right
It's not right
It's not right
You try to make it right
It's not right

Standing on the sidewalk
I can sense the empty night
Like a burning cigarette
Like a glowing fading blight

It's not right
It's not right
You try to make it right
It's not right
It's not right
You try to make it right
It's not right
Track Name: Moving Past Everything
Take it all
Take it all
Take everything that I have
Take my mind
Take my time
Take everything
Forsake it all
And break it all
Escape everything that I am
Erase my mind erase my hands
And shake everything

Get it out
Get it off
Get it over with and done
You've got your work and you've got your fun
And that's everything
Worn out
Sworn in
To a life that never begins
Plaster on that grin and they wear you thin
To keep everything

You're alive
You're dead
You're what goes on in your head
They'll weigh you down with lead
They'll fleece anything
Anyone anywhere
They'll break your body and strip you bare
They gaze at you, and eternal stare
They see everything

Just another dark room session
Try not to escape the question
Question everything
I can't unwind
Seems like I'm running out of time
Past my limit; past my prime
Moving past everything
Track Name: 24/7 Out of Body
Looking through the grey fog
I see your silhouette
You turn around, but I don't see no face
I see nothing
Open your mouth
Your lungs are sand
You try to say those words
I hear nothing

I see nothing
I hear nothing
I see nothing
I ear nothing

Alone with your thoughts
Your body, your hands
This solitude should burn, you feel nothing
When everything is a mess
But it doesn't matter
Your life is blown apart and scattered
Like it's nothing at all

You feel nothing
Cause it's nothing at all
You feel nothing
Cause it's nothing at alll
Track Name: Alleged Self
The Caverns in your head
Form a pathway to your other self
You clasp your mind shut
And let it all leak out
You feel indifference
But this indifference feels like
Everything is so wound tight until it finally unravels
And you've burned through every last friend and cigarette
And now all you have it time
But not much time

All you have is time
To fix your shit
All you have is time
But not much

The pangs in my chest
The hooks that pull you to a place you cannot go
The ringing in your ear
The voice inside that tells you no
That everything seems out of grasp
And you regret the past
And you don't know what you're supposed to do
So you lie down
And you space out
Yeah you escape

All you have is time
But not much
Track Name: Cashed
Another eight hours
You'll never get back
You scrape that grease
Pick up that slack
They say "time a wastin'"
You say you know
They make you feel lesser
Looking up from below

Another nice day
You spent inside
You've got a bad feeling
But you let it slide
You smoke your smoke
Until your lungs are black
And you go to sleep
Until you don't wanna come back

Another five years
Spent in rotation
This ain't no life
It's a masturbation
You fuck yourself
Every day and every night
You turn your head around
Because it feels so right

You're in a
You're in a
In a
In a
A place you hate